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    Day 2: Tuesday 14 May

    Sessions in Blue are particularly interesting for starting energy community initiatives

  • 09:00-9:30

    Keynote & introduction pick and build your activities

    Main Conference Hall


    Keynote by Karel Havlíček, member of Chamber of Deputies (MP) Czechia.

    Introduction to activities sessions.

  • 09:30-11:00

    Workshop: All you can heat - How to develop Community Heating and Cooling?

    Room: Praha

    Heat is half of our energy consumption, and more than 50% of it still runs on fossil fuels. To this end, the EU will be increasing funding for H&C projects. This workshop will help you develop a renewable Community Heating and Cooling (CH&C) project in your municipality.

    Workshop: The potential of aquathermal energy for Community Heating and Cooling

    Room: Plzeň


    Aquathermal energy is a quite unknown renewable energy source for heating and cooling. Extraqt, our technical partner in the AquaCOM project will enlighten the participants on the potential of extracting heat and cold from surface water (sea, rivers, lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, ....).

    Workshop: Generating community electricity

    Room: Telč (ground floor!)


    Community energy initiatives often start off with a focus on energy production, a logical starting point given its significant impact and numerous advantages. This approach not only provides your community with 100% renewable energy but also creates a revenue stream that allows the group to expand and amplify its positive effects. This workshop promises to provide participants with in-depth insights and case studies of successful business models for generating your communities' renewable energy.

    Workshop: Community AgriSolar - Integration of sustainable agriculture with renewable energy through community agriPV systems

    Hosted by SolarHub

    Main Conference Hall


    The increasing demand for clean energy and high-quality, safe food presents a unique challenge, as the production of food and renewable energy often competes for the same resources. However, technological innovations like agriPVs, alongside social innovations such as energy communities, offer promising solutions to this issue.
    The workshop will present agriPV systems and it will serve as a platform for a discussion about the various challenges and opportunities across Europe.

  • 11:30-13:00

    Thematic speed-dating session

    Rooms: Main Conference Hall, Plzeň, Praha


    The European community energy movement is overflowing with inspiring practices and innovative expertise in a wide range of topics, from flexibility, gender justice, offshore wind and citizen-led renovation to sustainable financing and energy poverty alleviation. This speed-dating session offers a unique chance to connect one-on-one with other community energy enthusiasts from across Europe to exchange ideas, share your project's challenges and explore innovative solutions - all within a series of short thematic speed dates.

  • 13:00-14:00



  • 14:00-15:30

    Workshop: "Kaching!" - public and private financing opportunities for starting energy communities

    Room: Praha


    The session will explore various sources of finance that starting energy communities could utilize to fund their work. From the REScoop.eu EU financing tracker, to national funding opportunities

    Workshop: Oooops! The moments we f*cked up

    Main Conference Hall


    Continuing the work of the Gender Power working group, this session will focus on the mishaps and lessons learned from energy communities that go the extra mile when it comes to promoting inclusion and diversity. A moment of reflection, and some tips to some important small wins.

    Workshop: Envisioning and enacting energy communities' role in a just transition

    Room: Telč (ground floor!)


    The recent energy price crisis had a big impact on households across Europe, plunging many into a situation of energy poverty and laying bare the vulnerabilities in our current energy system. In the midst of it all, energy communities were often put forward as an alternative: a new way of governing the energy system that could provide a platform for those voices who have remained underrepresented in energy decision making. In this session we'll explore energy communities' potential to take up such a role in the energy transition, gaining insights from existing inspiring cases, but also discussing the barriers that are currently blocking the way towards more impact.

  • 15:45-16:00


    Main Conference Hall


    Vladimír Sochor - Czech Ministry of the Environment

  • 16:00-17:30


    Workshop: Where's my money? Financing opportunities for established communities

    Main Conference Hall


    Drawing from the concrete experiences of working with energy communities to apply for public funds, as well as the ACCE project's community energy financing schemes, the session will explore the concrete on-the-ground barriers and opportunities to access funding

    Workshop: Inclusive communication - How to and why it's important

    Room: Praha


    Let’s talk about language! Based on the SCCALE inclusivity guide, this workshop begins by establishing a foundational understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a special emphasis on the context of energy communities. Participants will delve into the purpose, advantages, and intricacies of inclusive language, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its transformative potential.

    Through a blend of interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will explore best-practice guidelines for employing inclusive language in their energy communities. On the ground examples will be shared to illustrate the impact of inclusive communication, shedding light on how language and sensitive communication can inadvertently perpetuate exclusion.

    Workshop: A toolkit for energy solidarity

    Room: Telč (ground floor!)


    Looking to increase your energy communities' social impact? The CEES project ('Community Energy for Energy Solidarity') is here to help! During this workshop we'll take you on a trip trip through our Energy Solidarity Toolkit for energy communities, which offers a step by step approach to a number of key challenges associated with energy poverty alleviation from the bottom up.

  • 17:50-20:00

    Site visit

    We meet at the reception of the hotel.

  • 20:30-

    Networking dinner